Get to Know Various Types of Sewing Machines in the Textile and Garment Industry

The types of sewing machines currently used in the textile and garment industry are very diverse. The various types of sewing machines depend on the desired function and the amount of output produced.

The sewing machine is a crucial tool, especially for the fashion, textile, and garment industries. In this article, We will discuss the types of sewing machines that exist. Who knows, this sewing machine could be a solution for your business in the future. Come on, see in full below!

Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are used in production that produces large-scale output, like the garment industry. Speaking in terms of size and durability, this industrial sewing machine is bigger and stronger compared to ordinary home sewing machines. Its use is also wider in scope, not only for the garment industry but also for automotive. So, here are various industrial sewing machines used in textiles and garments:

  • High-Speed Single Needle Sewing Machine (1 Needle)

The first sewing machine was a high-speed single-needle sewing machine. This sewing machine is equipped with one sewing needle, which functions for straight stitches with one line. Usually, this type of sewing machine is not suitable for sewing clothes or stretch fabrics but more suitable for sewing clothes with thin, medium, and thick fabric.

  • High-Speed 2 Needles Sewing Machine (2 Needles)

This two-needle high-speed sewing machine is equipped with two needles and can produce double stitches/2 rows. The way these machines work is almost the same as a high-speed single-needle sewing machine, the only difference is in the number of needles, location, and number of bobbins.

  • Lockstitch Sewing Machine

A lockstitch sewing machine is a basic type of sewing machine. Why? Because this machine has the simplest stitch needle. The advantage of this sewing machine is that it is easy to operate and simple to use, so it is easy to understand.

  • Overdeck Sewing Machine

Overdeck machines are usually used to sew sleeve hem, t-shirt hem, or rib hem. The stitch produced by an overdeck machine is easy to recognize because the front consists of 2 parallel lines, while the back resembles an overlock stitch.

  • Overlock Machine

An overlock machine is usually used to make stitches on the edges of garments so that fabric or materials do not unravel easily and so that clothes last longer and look neater. This machine is also equipped with a cutting knife which is used to cut the remaining ends of the seam so that the final result is neat. Overlock machines usually consist of several types depending on the amount of thread used. Generally, on the market, there are 3, 4, 5, and 6 thread overlock machines available.

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Several types of sewing machines that we provide are 1-needle sewing machines, 2-needle sewing machines, overlock machines, button attaching machines, button hole machines, post bed sewing machines and over-deck sewing machines. Some types of sewing machines have speeds of up to 7000 rpm.

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