In this fast-changing world, rapid and tough innovation is always a good solution to adapt, survive and advance. What we offer is the agility to solve your needs.




About Us

PUKKA INDONUSA is a company established in 1993 that focuses on providing solutions for your business needs. Specializing in the automation process, our goal is to elevate your company’s value through specifically designed solutions for all your manufacturing process - covering product development to production.

Our Services

The full service we are offering are specifically designed to meet your business needs, in other words solution.

Why solutions? We realized that each of our customers is special with various problems and needs. It is essential that our product satisfies our customers and solves their problems. Our solution covers all of your manufacturing processes from product development to production.
Fabric Preparation

Covering solutions to prepare your fabrics before going to the production

CAM System

A continuation and interrelated solution from your CAD room to production room. Solution in excecuting your production needs

CAD System

An eco-friendly digital workflows and holistic solution approach for your sample development and production pattern room.


An extended solution to complete your needs in the heart of your production process

How We Do It?

Watch how your problems are solved

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