Down Filling Machine



Tentang Down Filling Machine

(Automatic Single/Double Pipe Weighing Cotton-Filling Machine)


  • High Efficiency
    Single max. filling weight 130g (industry’s largest), 2-4 times faster than the artificial work.
  • High Accuracy
    Without contact weighing, the cotton weight is accurate, the error is low, and the cotton waste is reduced.
  • High Intelligence
    The embedded active program control is adopted to realize multi-gram weight and multi-filling cotton.
  • High Quality
    The key components are imported, which can ensure the equipment is stable and reliable.

Health and Environment Protection
The equipment design is completely enclosed, the production site is clean and tidy, improving the working environment and enhancing the corporate image.


Machine Size1530 x 1100 x 1900(mm)Filling Storage12kg
Weighing Unit Size1200 x 650 x 1300(mm)Weighing Range1-130g
Work Station Size1000 x 700 x 700(mm)Accuracy0.1g
Voltage380V ACFilling Pipes1 | 2
Max. Power2.5kwScales by Filling Pipe2 | 4
Air Pressure Range0.55~0.8MPaProductivity15~35g/s
Filling MaterialCotton / Down  


Operating Condition 

CottonPearl Cotton, Cotton Fiber
Cutting PieceCotton nozzle ≥50 mm
PowerAC380V 50HZ Voltage allows ±10%, reliable grounding
Work SiteLoading size Height: 2000mm Width: 1000mm Length: 1600mm
Place dimension Length: 4000mm Width: 3500mm/6000mm
Environment requirementsTemperature 20±5°C Humidity 65±5°
Air compressor flow: above 1m3/min
Air collector
Air requirement: No dust, no water, no oil (recommended configuration: condensing dryer)
Source gas

Require the pipe is within 20 meters, the pipe diameter is not less than 1 inch, and if the

distance is long, the pipeline should be thick, otherwise, the underflow affects the efficiency. The

interface diameter of the machine is 16mm