Template Sewing Machine



About Template Sewing Machine

With 360° free rotation of the machine head, a standard aesthetic stitch can easily be made. The machine tool and head are directed independently, and the rotation angle is controlled within 0.05°. It can reduce the rotation error substantially, making the stitches neat and beautiful in all sewing areas. Low frequency of the hook-changing because of the special double big hook used, so it can improve work efficiency a lot, and the hook with automatic oiling system which can improve the convenience of users and durability of the machine. The presser foot height can be adjusted slightly by the motor which keeps the sewing stable when doing segment gap sewing. This machine is also equipped with an operation panel with 7 inches LCD touch-screen and network & USB interface.

In addition, this machine is accompanied by advanced features:

  • Chip scanning sensor – quickly recognize and switch synchronously templates together with the computer.
  • Upper thread break detector – the sewing will stop automatically when the thread broke and alarm the operator.
  • Laser and point pen – it can cut cloth and fix the position.