Cutting Room


About Table

(Conveyor Table)

Conveyor table for effortless fabric transfer allows the fabric to be delivered to automatic cutters without an assistant. Synchronize with any auto-cutter without realignment needed. 


180cm – 200cmMin. 4m


(Airblow Table/Non Air Blow Table)

Using the high-quality laminated plywood for smoothness, firm, and wear-resistant which is suitable for cutting application. Equipped with an air pump, makes the fabric move easily and reduces tension, and two sides of stainless steel banding, which can be matched with various brands of spreading machine and cutter. Switching to separate control can save electricity, safe become more efficient.

Speeds up the process of shifting the pile of fabrics from one end to another because the air pressure helps lift the fabrics for weightless transfer. Convenient not only for our eyes but also for the workers as they need less effort to move the pile of fabrics. Having the fabrics levitated while being shifted helps the sides to stay tidy, straight, also tension-free. The Air Blow Table is already compatible to carry the weight of a spreader therefore, it is a good investment for the future.


ClassWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)
Air-floatation2130 (with options)1200800-900