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About Spreading Machine

(K5-190-Spreading Machine)

OSHIMA is a pioneer in the field of automated spreading and this machine is our all-time classic, the Best-Selling Spreading Machine. Deployed all over the world, this machine is fitted with double-arched extenders at the front and rear which provide better fabric support, making sure every spread is tension-free. An excellent deal in price and quality. Specification
Model K5-190S K5-210S
Power Supply 1P/220V
Motor(Kw) 1
Maximum Cloth Width(mm) 1900mm/75”  2100mm/83
Table Width(mm) 2130mm/84”  2330mm/92” 
Weight of cloth roll(Kg) 60
Diameter of cloth roll(mm) 450
Travel Speed(m/min) 90
Lay Height One way 220mm,300mm(K5-H) Face to Face 150mm,230mm(K5-H)
Spreading Methods One-Way SPreading (Face Up) Zigzag Spreading (Face to Face) Multiple Length Spreading (Face Up)
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 2600x1800x950 2800x1800x950
Packing Volume LxWxH (mm) 2800x2000x1250 3000x2000x1250
N.W/G.W(Kg) 570/860 610/970