About Optitex

We offer a set of interdependent solutions that in turn bring the best and most optimized workflow for your production needs. The optimized workflow of Optitex is able to set new standards for time-to-market, on-demand manufacturing, cost efficiency, and automation on a global scale. It is 60% faster to release into the market than the traditional supply chain, therefore saving up to 60% of sample production time.

Optitex is able to showcase true-to-life virtual samples within hours, create virtual samples with 95% accuracy, and work with 1 digital asset throughout the entire supply chain.

The lineup we offer from Optitex includes.

Pattern Design Software (PDS) for 2D

A pattern-making software allows you to create impeccable digital patterns and produce pattern sizing while eliminating hundreds of manual steps in the design-development process.

Pattern Design Software (PDS) for 3D

Set of 3D tools that present virtual illustrations within an innovative 3D digital environment that allows you to fashion then visualize your garment and form quick alterations at the click of a button, powered by photorealistic rendering for a true-to-life visualization. 


Allow you to adjust patterns to fit the entire size range of your products including complex size variations.


A cutting layout tool that allows you to plan and optimize the use of textiles through automated nesting or manual placement of pieces on the marker table. Creating digital markers allows you to reduce markers, complexity, time and waste.

Automated Nesting

Automated nesting by Optitex cutting edge Nest pro algorithm which will look for the most optimized marker placement. Save fabric, time and labor with automated, intelligent nesting optimization.