Cutting Room


About Auto-Cutter

(iCut-auto cutter)

This is the future machine of cutting. With 2m/s speed, it is the most advanced driving motor combined with an innovative axes control system bring to speed and acceleration never seen before! Give a boost to overall productivity by reducing cutting times up to 15% with a continuous cut system.

It has electronically controlled plate pressure for easy setting which is customizable for each cutting profile. Also featuring customizable suction (vacuum) settings in multiple cutting profiles to get the perfect sealing of the layer in every situation. Perfect for AUTOMOTIVE with supplementary drill tool to punch holes having up to 25mm diameter.

Additionally equipped with 2 Touch Screen operator panels to control/move/send instructions to the machine from both sides of the cutting beam. The system is integrated with i-Cut, software to run the automatic cutter with several features to improve the cut in all situations.