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Frequently Asked Question

* Why I must implement Auto Spreading in my Cutting Room?
– To increase spreading speed (app 4 times faster than manual)
– To increase spreading quality by controlling fabric tension (without adding tension on the fabric)
– Significantly control the edges of the spreads (increase fabric usage)

* Why I must implement Auto Cutting in my Cutting Room?
– To increase cutting speed (app 6 times faster than manual cutting)
– To increase cutting quality (increase the sewing productivity by providing accurate cut piece)
– Good Auto Cutter is able to cut difficult points/area from a very compact marker with zero buffer (increase fabric usage)

* What is the advantage of implementing Auto Spreading and Auto Cutting?
– Reduce significantly labor cost
– Reduce size of cutting room
– Increase efficiency of fabric usage
– Increase cut piece quality and consistency.

* How to ensure the success of the implementation of Auto Spreading and Auto Cutting?
– Choose good machine with latest technology and durable parts/construction (Machine to be used in the high load condition to achieve highest productivity and highest quality)
Buy only from Supplier who is Specialist on this solution (who is able to provide good quality with latest technology, has R&D with continue improvement, and focus on the business)
– Ensure the Local Partner (Local Agent) has : know how on the implementation of CAM (able to Install the CAM, able to provide training on the application and operation of the CAM, able to provide maintenance and service on the CAM, able to keep enough parts, WITHOUT WAITING FOR THE PRINCIPAL TO HELP).

* What is the purpose of Maintenance Agreement?
The purpose of this Maintenance Agreement is to keep the computer systems always in good working order and the operators are always able to use the comĀ¬puter systems to help production activities

* What is included in the Maintenance Agreement?
The Maintenance Agreement is include Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.