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Optitex Nest Pro

Optitex's powerful new Nest++2 Advanced Automatic Nesting

Optitex’s powerful new Nest++Pro Advanced Auto Nesting software incorporates an intelligent algorithm for marker nesting optimization, thus delivering better results than those achieved manually. With the release of Version 12.2, Optitex now provides three levels of nesting solutions for customers seeking fabric, time and labor cost reduction.

Nest++, Nest++2, and Nest++Pro offer significant savings to small, medium and large size businesses that require the best efficiency of fabric usage to maximize production profit. Use the explanations and comparison chart below to decide on the nesting solution that best fits your business.

Combines a new and improved algorithm with Multicore functionality that runs the algorithm in parallel on all the CPUs, reaching the desired result much quicker. Autocompaction is embedded to achieve an efficiency gain of up to 3.5% over the basic Nest++ solution.

Utilizes an algorithm that increases efficiency by up to 2.5% over the basic Nest++ solution. Nest++2 also supports tilt angle rotation and Nest Shading (Auto compaction is an optional add-on).With Nest++2 you can control the run-time and obtain fast results. Nest++2 can also be used to obtain precise cost proposals for clients, during price negotiations

Offers basic efficiency that saves time when compared to manual nesting. Nest++ supports tubular nesting on both sides of the marker. The Nest-toblock feature is also included in this package.

The “Nesting Queue” generates complete, multiple nests, automatically using unattended, overnight processing. Data from the queue is organized in spreadsheet format to allow easy comparison of efficiency, nest lengths, widths and process time.

Main Features: