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Optitex Modulate

Made-to-Measure Software

Modulate is an interactive, parametric, one of a kind, Made-to-Measure software engine.
Each parametric style fits a particular set of dimensions that belong to specific people or represent particular manufacturing requirements.

For example, a parametric jacket can be defined using dimensions annotated as “Shoulder”, “Bust”, “Waist”, and “Hips”. Modulate will shape the jacket to fit these four dimensions. Each modification to the jacket can be visualized interactively when changing names and values. Once the parametric product is fully defined by a set of dimensions, it is ready to generate unlimited number of different products, with no need to invest additional time and effort.
Every variable used for a specific style can be saved in a “Variable library” for future use.
All specifications, dimensions, styles, and orders are maintained in a standard database for repeat orders with Optitex made-to-measure software solution.

Visualize each step of operation while defining the parametric model. For instance,
when you drag a length dimension with the mouse, Modulate Made To Measure software solution recalculates the entire model accordingly. The immediate effect is displayed on the screen. If the result is not what it was meant to be, change the dimension on the spot; or alternatively add or remove other constraints.

Modulate streamlines your company’s unique method of generating Made-To-Measure
patterns with our unique Made To Measure – Made to Fit software.