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Optitex 3D

Fit them on an incredibly customizable avatar

The Optitex 3D Suite is a collection of applications that can create photorealistic 3D garments, fit them on an incredibly customizable avatar, and even animate them for dynamic, eye-catching presentations.

You can bring your flat patterns, turn them into 3D samples and reduce the number of times you have to create physical samples. This drastically cuts the time you have to spend on each sample, the cost associated, as well as the hassle of scheduling and organizing numerous fit sessions.

What does all that mean? You create fewer samples, increase precision and uniformity of your product line’s fit, and drastically shorten it’s time-to-market; to name just a few of the benefits
of introducing virtual sampling to your design process.

They aren’t just good for prototyping; these simulations are excellent tools you can use for marketing and selling your products.


3D Creator 
Work on your schedule, and under budget. Sample simulations let you fit your garments on
a custom-fit virtual model without having to cut any fabric, then make changes right on your screen. All this happens within a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. No more waiting for FedEx to deliver your next sample; making them yourself means never having to wait for physical samples to arrive.

3D Flattener 
An advanced 3D module, Flattener provides the automotive, aeronautics and aerospace industries the ability to extract flattened geometry from complex 3D shapes and quickly turn them into usable pattern pieces for anything from engine covers to car seat upholstery.
The compression wear and swimwear industries have also learned how to use Flattener to make skin-tight pieces quickly by simply drafting shapes around a 3D model and making flat patterns.

3D Animator 
Bring your designs to life. Optitex Animation creates full-motion videos of completed garments with stunning realism and accuracy. We use the most advanced 3D cloth engine ever, developed with over a decade of research behind it, to create animations that are easy to make, and behave like real fabric.