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The best spreading machine for knit and woven


OSHIMA group ( Bou Yue Machinery ) is established since 1971, as the best leading garment machinery and textile machinery manufacturer. Her business centers are nestled in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and worldwide agents,to complete the best service net in the globe.

The 30 years principle ¡t’s better quality improving and excellent services worldwide ¡§ has satisfied and rewarded to all her business partners.By the 30 years sophisticated experiences of machinery making and designing , and her strong R&D, and advanced technology know-how, and excellent personnel work force. OSHIMA her products include 300 specific item products (7 series, Fusing, Bonding, Forming, Cutting, Ironing and Boiler, Sewing Supplement Accessories, and Specific Professional Machinery and General garment machinery ) to offer the complete solutions to all demands in the Garment Industries.

The Quality Control is the first key topic of OSHIMA, she is awarded of European CE standard, and ISO-9001, offers the warranty under the name of OSHIMA brand. OSHIMA is the name of High Quality, Fair Price, and Excellent Service,and also wins the praise of her companions in industry field.