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Ioline is proud to introduce the FlexJet™ E, an enhancement to the revolutionary FlexJet, a high-speed, wide-format inkjet printer that increases productivity and lowers the cost of detailed and heavily annotated markers.

Since 1984, apparel manufacturers have relied on Ioline plotters to work with their existing design systems and to keep their operations running day in and day out.
Powered by up to four HP™ inkjet heads, the Ioline FlexJet™ E throughput is unaffected by plot density. Intimate apparel, glove, even children’s clothing markers output at speeds up to 252 square yards (210 square meters) per hour, as much as two times faster than other brands.

Other marker inkjets compromise line quality for speed. Not so with the FlexJet™ E. Thanks to ingenious engineering, the Ioline FlexJet™ E features the best line quality and print resolution in the industry: 600 dpi in best mode and 300 dpi in draft mode, with no degradation in speed. The machine also uses widely available, off-the-shelf HP™ ink cartridges, assuring a low cost and ready supply of consumables.