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Algotex VEGA

a leader in digital printing for the apparel production

Algotex is a leader in digital printing for the apparel production sector and for communications. Research, experimentation and technological innovation combined with entrepreneurial intuition have distinguished the company’s personality. Forever a precursor of innovation starting with the first prototypes, the company has steadily gained market share for its plotters which are among the worlds best for versatility, speed and print quality.

The VEGA is an exceptional machine that unites quality and technology with simple and straight-forward use. Each technical detail was chosen with the goal of guaranteeing the customer a high-quality plotter that is easy to use, at a great price and with extraordinary design.

The new VEGA represents a futuristic, ergonomic and unique from the exceeds what the rest of the plotter market has to offer. The machine is more stable and more solid, rendering it more secure and user-friendly than its competition.